Am I a Candidate for Physical Therapy?

Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy isn’t just for athletes or people with severe injuries. General accidents, arthritis, and even neck pain are all good reasons to seek out physical therapy. If you’re struggling with limited mobility, pain, and stiffness, PT can help you increase your range of motion and strengthen your body to prevent further injury. 

Arctic Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska provides physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation to help patients heal from injuries, relieve chronic pain, and improve their quality of life. Combined with other treatments like regenerative medicine and PRP injections, you can begin managing your condition, healing, and enjoying your life. 

Benefits of physical therapy 

Physical therapy is a gentle, conservative treatment that aims to improve your physical condition naturally. Because PT exercises work to strengthen the body and make life easier, almost anyone struggling with chronic pain, mobility issues, or injuries can benefit from treatment. 

The benefits of physical therapy depend on what you’re aiming to do, but regular visits to a therapist can: 

How to know if physical therapy is right for you

As mentioned above, the benefits and applications of physical therapy are extremely broad. However, your condition might require additional treatment before you can begin PT. 

First, your doctor will perform tests to diagnose your problem, get an idea of the damage, and determine which exercises will benefit you most. If you’re struggling with pain, you might need to discuss pain management before beginning therapy so you’ll be physically able to do the exercises. 

If your injury is still fresh, you might need to heal before you can begin exercising. Regenerative medicine and PRP injections can be used in tandem with physical therapy to try and speed things up. 

Along with guiding you through important exercises and stretches, physical therapists also use massages and hot/cold therapy to relieve pain and make things easier. In addition, they can give you suggestions on how to improve your life at home and show you how to use vital tools like crutches, canes, walkers, and even artificial limbs. 

Physical therapy isn’t just for the elderly, athletes, or people recovering from severe injuries. If your condition is linked to your musculoskeletal system, there’s a chance that a physical therapist can help you. 

To learn more, get in contact with the team at Arctic Medical Center by calling 907-290-2588, or by requesting an appointment online.

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