Ditch the Drugs: Learn about Our All-Natural Migraine Remedies

Migraine headaches are a disabling condition that affect around 50% of the population at some point during their lives, with women more than twice as likely to experience migraine than men. Migraines can be especially debilitating because they are one of the most underdiagnosed and undertreated disorders. 

At Arctic Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska, Dr. Chester Bradstreet has a full range of therapies, treatments, and holistic medications available to help treat your migraine headaches. With his help, you can ditch the drugs and use natural migraine remedies instead.

Symptoms of migraine

Migraines present differently in different people. You might experience a dull, aching pain; a sharp, throbbing pain; a pain in just one temple; or pain behind your eyes. There are also associated symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, mood swings, yawning, and sensitivities to light, sound, and smells.

Some people experience migraines with visual impairments, including "auras," which can be sparkling or fuzzy lights or haloes, brightly colored prisms, or geometric shapes or lines. And some people get just the auras but no pain, though this is less common.

Treatment for migraine

Dr. Bradstreet believes that you don’t have to be dependent on pain medications to treat your migraines. These medications often only work for a short time and can also cause rebound headaches — headaches caused by the medication wearing off. Instead, he tries to find the root cause(s) of your migraines, also called “triggers”, and help you avoid them.

Most migraine medications merely mask pain and don't affect the cause. Dr. Bradstreet prescribes preventive medications that can help to prevent migraines from occurring, sometimes by correcting hormone imbalances which cause migraines (hormonal migraines, often found in women during their reproductive years).

 If / when you do get a migraine, one of the following options can help:

Physical therapy

There are many simple therapies that can work to help prevent and relieve migraines, including:

Chiropractic care

Manual adjustment may be startling at first as you hear and / or feel popping and cracking in your spine, but this kind of treatment can: 


You might benefit from the natural pain relief that can be triggered by massage. Your provider can help stimulate pain relief by putting careful pressure on your:

If you’re ready to ditch drugs and start getting holistic treatment for your migraines, Dr. Bradstreet can help you achieve your goals. Keep a journal that lists what you eat and drink, your sleep patterns and activity levels, the weather, and any stressors in your life. This information can help Dr. Bradstreet diagnose what triggers your migraines. He’ll then work with you to develop a prevention and treatment plan.

Ready to be drug- and migraine-free? Call our office at 907-205-5957 or request an appointment online.

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