Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing O-Shot®

Is your sex life suffering due to vaginal dryness, atrophy, dryness, or lack of sensation? Aging can lead to a variety of sexual health issues for women, making it difficult to enjoy intimate encounters with your partner.  

At Arctic Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska, Dr. Chester Bradstreet uses the O-Shot® to help restore vaginal and sexual health. This simple injection can help reboot your sex life, stem embarrasing urine leaks, and aid in mitigating itching on or around your vaginal tissues. It’s the ideal way to positively impact your sexual and reproductive health.

All about the O-Shot

The O-Shot is an intimate injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Your doctor makes PRP from your own blood. He’ll draw a small vial of blood from your arm and centrifuge it to concentrate the platelets. Then he’ll inject the PRP into your vaginal tissue.

The whole process only takes about an hour, most of which is spent centrifuging the blood. The injection is done with a very fine, long needle to minimize discomfort. Most women report only a mild twinge during and after the injection.

The O-shot can help women with unsatisfactory sex lives

PRP stimulates healing, which can help relieve many conditions that cause pain during sex. If your vaginal tissues have atrophied, or your skin laxity is poor, PRP can help. The injection also enhances blood flow. This makes your vaginal sensations more pleasurable and intense, and can mean you have stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. Better sexual health can lead to improved self-confidence and stronger partner relationships! 

The O-Shot can help women with lichen sclerosus

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with lichen sclerosus, the O-Shot may be able to help you. This condition causes thinning, white, flaky skin on the vulvar and vaginal tissues. These lesions can get red and itchy, and even micro-tear in places, leading to painful sex.

Studies of women who had O-Shots to treat lichen sclerosus showed that the PRP injection led to improvements. More than 60% of women in one study saw great improvement in their quality of life after the O-Shot, and almost one in four women from another study saw their lesions disappear completely

The O-Shot can help women with urinary tract issues

If you have interstitial cystitis, or have had a urinary tract reconstruction or other urethral surgery, ask about the O-Shot. PRP injections can help speed healing and relieve pain, tightening muscles and reducing incontinence as the lining of the bladder and urinary tract heals.  

Ready for vaginal rejuvenation and a healthy, pain-free, and enjoyable sex life? Call our office at 907-205-5957 or request an appointment online.

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