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Around half of American adults report having back pain every year, and in some cases, back pain becomes chronic and debilitating. The team of expertly trained health care professionals at Arctic Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska, provides comprehensive diagnosis and personalized treatment to alleviate your back pain and heal the underlying cause. If back pain is interfering with your life, call Arctic Medical Center or make an appointment online today.

Back Pain Q & A

What’s causing my back pain?

A wide range of factors can trigger pain in your upper, lower, or middle back. Osteoarthritis and herniated discs are common causes of back pain. Your discomfort could also be due to:

  • Muscle and ligament injuries
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Compression fractures

Your risk of back pain increases if you’re overweight or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Your career and posture can also contribute to back pain, especially if you spend your days hunched over a desk or moving heavy objects. 

Herniated discs in your lower back are a common cause of sciatica — a collection of symptoms caused by sciatic nerve compression. 

If you have back pain that shooting pain accompanies, numbness, or muscle weakness in one or both of your legs, make sure to mention it to your provider. 

When should I get help for back pain?

Many patients assume that back pain is an inevitable part of aging. However, this isn’t the case. The team at Arctic Medical Center offers an integrative, patient-focused approach to diagnosing and treating back pain. Their goal is to provide lasting pain-relief by healing the underlying condition causing your pain.

How is the cause of back pain diagnosed?

The team at Arctic Medical Center assesses back pain and diagnoses the condition causing it with comprehensive exams. Your provider reviews your medical history, symptoms, and overall health. 

During your physical exam, they feel your spine and back muscles for signs of injury or inflammation. They might also ask you to perform some stretches or movements so they can see how your back pain interferes with your mobility.

In some cases, they order diagnostic imaging studies like X-rays and MRIs to examine the internal structures of your back in more detail. 

How is back pain treated?

The team at Arctic Medical Center provides customized treatment plans to address back pain, combining advanced medical treatments, regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, and other integrative therapies. 

Their patient-focused approach to back pain takes into account your lifestyle and overall health. Your treatment plan might include trigger point injections, physical therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, or mesenchymal stem cells. 

Your provider may also recommend adding physical activity to your daily routine or weight loss to reduce stress on your back. Addressing the root causes of back pain not only helps with long-term pain relief but can also reduce your risk of recurring or chronic back pain.

Don’t let back pain interfere with your life. Call Arctic Medical Center or make an appointment online today for innovative, personalized care.