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The team at Arctic Medical Center is proud to offer the most effective, noninvasive method of treating the root cause of cellulite formation. Combining our knowledge with cutting edge technology, using top of the line equipment, and proven ancient eastern techniques, our cellulite reduction process is highly successful. Backed by numerous clinical studies using Storz Medical devices, we are confident that you will experience positive effects of cellulite reduction.

Cellulite Q & A:

 Why is cellulite 90% more common in women than in men? 

The connective tissue structure is different.  This difference in women’s bodies creates better pockets for the fat to gather more easily & loosely. 

In females, the connective tissue is in vertical columns.  In males, the connective tissue is diagonal, forming a crisscrossed pattern.

Women also have thinner skin than men, which is less resistant, allowing for more visual bulges.

What is the root cause of cellulite formation?     

The visible lumps we refer to as ‘cellulite’ form when fat pushes against the subcutaneous connective tissue.

Why does cellulite get worse with age?

The aging connective tissue becomes hardened and less elastic, therefore binding the fat in its position even stronger.

Comparative Methods:

The following is a highlighted comparison of a few other effective trending methods such as Cellfina & Cellulaze.  Both are invasive, costly treatments that require restriction of activities post-treatment.  Cellfina utilizes microblades that leave side effects of pain, bruising, and soreness.  Cellulaze is an insertion of a laser fiber beneath the skin, resulting in side of effects of exposure to radiation, possible minimal scarring, and restricted post-treatment activities of up to two weeks.  Some examples of these activities are not driving, not working, and not having sex.  Average costs for these services are between $4250-$5700 per single treatment. 

What will NOT be in a treatment session:

No needles.  No injections.  No radiation. 

What to expect in a treatment session:

After applying a topical numbing cream over the area about to be treated, we use a  Storz medical device that delivers pulsewave therapy directly to the cellulite through the layers of soft tissue.  These pulsed vibrations travel at the speed of sound, penetrating the connective tissue to relax and soften. 

Clinical studies have also been performed that have shown improvements in wrinkles and stretch marks as well.

Followed but the pulsewave,  we incorporate an ancient eastern technique called cupping.  This cupping method stretches and relaxes the hardened connective tissue.  It also promotes circulation of nutrient-rich blood which rejuvenates the skin & underlying tissues.  In addition, it stimulates the of lymph, which is part of your body’s natural edtoxification system.  This works to dissipate fluid retention which emphasizes the appearance of cellulite.


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